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 This white paper describes how to successfully implement a strategic planning project in seven steps.  
Computerworld published three articles in the 16 September 1994 edition:
  1. How to be a strategic planner - Jennifer Roach
  2. Integration can still be a painful process - Rosemary Cafasso
  3. Software alone can't guarantee productivity - Peter De Jager

To anyone reading the above articles, there would appear to be no logical connection between the three.

However, it is our assertion that this is the major reason very few organisations have successfully implemented any form of strategically planned projects. The fact that a number of very costly disasters have been documented, (ranging from $A2.5 million up to $US800 million) bears testimony to this statement.

The net effect is that whilst large organisations can continue to operate, despite writing off millions of dollars, smaller organisations go to the wall.

Each one of the above articles covers a specific spectrum of architecture, namely.

  • Strategic planning with a conceptual architecture
  • Integration with a logical architecture
  • Software with a physical architecture

What can also be demonstrated is that the three architectures must be understood and used in an exact order if the seamless integration between strategic planning and physical systems is to be achieved.

The seven steps to achieve this seamless integration are:

  1. Identify resources - people
  2. Training - people
  3. Build a conceptual architecture - vision
  4. Build a logical architecture
  5. Build several theoretical physical models
  6. Promote the selected solution to management
  7. Construct the physical architecture

Our technique (referred to above) is called Ripose. In short Ripose has been developed to harness, manage and focus the power of the human imagination!



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