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B.E.S.T. Debt recovery system
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This fact sheet provides the features offered by the B.E.S.T. Debt recovery system. 

To survive in today's tough mercantile market we all need that competitive edge. Computers are (for many of us) just one of the tools that we use to maintain that edge. But ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your computer really help your business, or is it just another one of those expenses with which you have to deal?
  • How much time do you waste trying to get your system to perform the tasks you need to do? 
  • Does it really save you staff, time and energy? 
  • Most importantly, does it make your business more profitable?

We at Ripose Pty Limited have developed a solution to your computing needs that really does deliver. A system that has been designed from the ground up to make your business more profitable and easier to run. A system that:

  • Uses today's computer systems (unlike our competitor's systems that have evolved out of 'clunky' mainframe technology)
  • Allows you to service more clients, and more debtors with less staff
  • Is easy to use, simple to run, and virtually maintenance free
  • Turns your computer from an expensive electronic filing cabinet into your BEST friend

The B.E.S.T. debt recovery system

Trust account function includes the following functions:
  • Maintain client's debtor information
  • Record debtor payments (either direct to client or through the g/l trust account)
  • Process rd cheques
  • Create bad debts
  • Reports include aged invoices, bad debt listing, recoveries, arrangements
  • Debtor statement of account
Invoice system includes the following functions:
  • Create and print client invoices for work performed (with automatic g/l updates)
  • Credit note processing (with automatic g/l updates)
  • Record client payments for services rendered (with automatic g/l updates)
  • Produces client statements (all or selected)
  • Produces aged outstanding client invoices
  • Breakdown of income by various categories
  • Monthly client billing
General ledger system includes the following functions:
  • Maintain ledgers, groups and account details
  • Post cashbook and journal entries
  • Produces trial balance and profit & loss reports
Daily reports includes the following functions:
  • Daily invoices, credit notes and payments
  • General ledger postings
Payable system includes the following:
  • Record suppliers and their products
  • Maintain purchase orders (with automatic g/l updates)
  • Purchase order payments (with automatic g/l updates)
Trace system includes the following functions:
  • Record goods for repossession
  • Search facilities by name, address, date of birth or drivers license
  • Record client, staff and agent details
Job & report system includes the following functions:
  • Recording of job details as well as storing and retrieving reports on job activities (includes a diary function)
  • Invoices extracted by job
  • Printout of jobs
  • Provides for debtor to enter into an arrangement to settle their debt
  • Listing of arrears on arrangements
  • List all diary entries for collection agents
  • List of follow up diary actions
Legal system includes the following functions:
  • Recording of court details
  • Recording of legal firms and solicitor appearing for plaintiffs
  • Produces relevant documentation (pleadings available in Microsoft word format) for the following;
  • 460 notices
  • Local and district court statement of debt
  • Application for and recording of judgement information
  • Issuing writs and garnishee notices
  • Examination summonses
  • Calculates interest on summonses according to court rules
  • Reports - including List of summonses, unserved and served
  • Various letters printed with your specific wording

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