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Ripose rapidly clarifies an organization's objectives and strategies by identifying, documenting and managing three types of knowledge - explicit, tacit and hidden with the Ripose Technique. We produce high quality deliverables from strategic plans to implemented solutions rapidly with the Ripose CASPAR engine.

We and our associates have employed formal disciplines and the Ripose Technique to design, plan and identify business solutions as well as successfully completing assignments that have been of benefit to several of our major clients - see our cost benefits article for details on how one organization saved $520,000.00 and 26 person months of effort.

Ripose and its associates provide value-added services with an emphasis on quality. We have the experience, skills and tools to implement our recommended strategies and solutions.

In order to deliver our services, we have developed the Ripose Technique which is both repeatable and teachable. This technique draws on and integrates processes from several disciplines that are available in the marketplace. A fully integrated expert information application has been developed to support the Ripose Technique which further reduces the time required to plan, design and implement business solutions.

Our continuing investment in research maintains our awareness of new and emerging technologies, techniques and methods.

We believe that discipline, experience and training are the keys to the successful implementation of business solutions with information technology.

Please contact us so that we can provide you and your organization business solutions that will help you thrive in the global economy of the new millennium.



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