16 November, 1990

To whom it may concern

I first met Charles Richter early in 1984. Through research and development, Charles has always been at the fore front in both the theoretical and practical application of strategic data planning methodologies.

For several years Charles was associated with Information Engineering where he held the position of Technical Director. At the time, MLC Insurance contracted Information Engineering to assist in planning, designing and implementing a general insurance Underwriting and Contract Administration system. Methods and tools, largely developed by Charles were used on the project. Charles provided training
and consulting services. The system was implemented within budget and has been a phenomenal success, giving management a degree of control in running their business beyond what was anticipated.

Charles has since done further research and development and has produced the Ripose methodology.

MLC Insurance is currently redeveloping its Claims systems and have engaged Charles to train the project team to use Ripose, conduct workshops with general management and provide quality assurance functions. To date we have had tremendous success with Ripose.

The greatest features of the methodology are its simplicity and the speed at which results are achieved.

I commend Charles to you as a likeable, honourable and knowledgeable professional.

Gil Nafte Systems Manager - MLC Insurance


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