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4 July, 1994
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To whom it may concern

Reference: Charles Richter

I have known Mr Charles Richter since 1990 when he was first associated with the Roads and Traffic Authority as a consultant engaged to develop the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Licensing Scheme and Demerit Points Exchange Scheme.

This was an important assignment as these schemes attracted a high public profile and were among the first schemes implemented by the states and territories of Australia in our move toward national uniformity in registration and driver licensing.

It was evident from Mr Richter's approach to the various problems encountered during these projects that his vast experience in analysis of the business areas and critical success were important factors in the successful outcomes achieved. Mr Richter's strengths in analysis and design and his attributes of good verbal communication ensured the difficult tasks of co-ordinating applications changes between the interstate authorities went smoothly and met scheduled timeframes.

Following the successful completion of the above projects, I recommended Mr Richter to the Project Director responsible for the implementation of the Roads and Traffic Authority's DRIVES project. Mr Richter was subsequently employed as a contractor on the project where he has provided valuable input within a dedicated team environment.

After working on the DRIVES project for the past two years, I understand that Mr Richter will be leaving the project to pursue his career.

I am confident that Mr Richter will be an asset to any organisation as his strong commitment, initiative and character have benefited this Authority's in achieving results which have been recognised Australia wide.

I would be pleased to discuss with any prospective employer any aspects of Mr Richter's skills and experience. Please contact me on telephone (02) 218-6055 (business) or (02) 820-1486 (home).

John Moore
National Systems Co-ordinator

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