Ripose Pty Ltd
2/57 Best Street
Yorkeys Knob QLD 4810
Attention Mr. Charles Richter
Dear Charles
Originally you started development work for me when I owned SearchFinders Pty Ltd in 1983 and again continuing to Riley Collections Pty Ltd through to 1994.  The systems developed made us leaders in our field and some of the applications still run today unchanged which is amazing given the world we now live in.
Your foresight and development enabled those companies to become the largest in their field as we could contain costs and staff expenses.
Then I revisited you in my position of Manager in Aged Foot Care in 2003 where you were asked to develop an aged care database solution for client management and accounting complying with Medicare Australia guidelines and all the health funds and associated nightmares.  You were asked to switch to making a system for clinics as the owner of that company wanted to run numerous synchronised clinics to one central head office eliminating receptionists
CAREPRO commenced in 2006 where you again picked up the pieces and we are proud to state that it is your systems and continued development making us leaders in health delivery services.  Our operations consist of a number of operations and your database design and applications make all work efficiently and seamless.  No one else was able to envisage our needs nor had the foresight to read our minds as you have done.  Thank you!
Our operations include and having 9 clinics and over 60 aged care homes and 34,000 patients in one database operating over the web with speed and simplicity makes our team love our systems.
I would be please to recommend you and provide more detail to anyone who wants efficiency and cost savings in their business would be mad not to consider  your operation. 
Marcus Doille
Business Operations Manager

Signed copy on file