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Welcome to the Ripose web site 
 Strategic planning
 - Plan auditing
 - Plan development
 - Proof of concept
 - Proof of logical
 - Proof of physical

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 Managing large projects

Ripose provides the services of their consultants and associates as Ripose architects.
  • To enable the completion of the Ripose technique stages
  • To develop the deliverables that are produced as a result of the Ripose Technique
As the analysis stages proceed a knowledge repository is updated with all the objects that results from the business study.

Ripose stages
Strategic planning includes either plan development or plan auditing. Plan auditing gives an organization the opportunity to revisit their strategic plan on a regular basis, eg. at least every  year.

The strategic delivery lifecycle process - SDLC, includes proof of concept, proof of logical and proof of physical.

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