September 1990

To Whom It May Concern

In March 1989 Mr Charles Richter was engaged as a consultant by Beneficial Finance Corporation Ltd to provide assistance with the preparation of an Information Systems Plan. The assignment was to be carried out according to Mr Richter's Ripose methodology, incorporating the Generic Data Model.

Within the space of 30 consulting days the following planning tasks were completed for Beneficial's primary operating division:

  • Determination of Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators
  • Construction of conceptual data model
  • Construction of systems precedence chart.

This achievement exceeded our initial expectations and, in addition, Mr Richter's knowledge and experience was imparted to various Beneficial staff' as part of the process. Subsequently, the planning work was extended to other divisions by Beneficial staff with Mr Richter providing assistance in the form of quality assurance. Following the planning work, the conceptual data model was used as the basis for constructing a logical data model for a new Financial Receivables System.

Again, all work carried out was quality assured by Mr Richter. Finally, a physical database design was produced by Mr Richter for a segment of the logical model. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond the control of the Information Systems Department, the new development was not proceeded with and Mr Richter's physical design has not been tested.

In conclusion, the results achieved at Beneficial Finance in such a short timeframe were only possible because of Charles Richter and his Generic Data Model and I have no hesitation in recommending his methods to any other organisation.
Trevor Ainsworth
Senior Business Analyst
Information Systems Department
Beneficial Finance Corporation Ltd

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