An hypothesis
My tentative insight into explaining the following terms:
1) Childhood
2) Adolescence
3) Adulthood
4) Sentient being

Childhood is a physical state which lasts from birth and ends when puberty begins.

Adolescence is a mental state. It starts after puberty and can last a lifetime. An adolescent can be classified as having between 3 and 4 attributes of the sentient being.

Adulthood is a mental and spiritual state. Becoming the adult requires an adolescent to acquire between 5 and 6 attributes of the sentient being

Sentient being
A sentient being is an entity that is endowed with feelings and consciousness, In addition a sentient being will display the following attributes:
1) Responsibility for self
2) Responsibility for others
3) Respect for self
4) Respect for others
5) Care for self
6) Care for others
7) Patience

If you are curious as to where you fit in this hypothesis, please undertake one (or both) of the surveys which will determine your classification.

Survey Based on a
•  Value system accessed by following this link.
•  Belief system akin to the 10 Commandments accessed by following this link.