Summing up

The time has come for me to take a good hard look at my life and ask a few questions.
1) Who am I?
2) What was the purpose of my existence?
3) Where am I going?
4) How will I spend the rest of my life?
5) Why did I not make more of an impact?

Who am I?
Primarily I am a complex evolving entity existing as a spiritual being with memories linked to the genetic entities of my parents.

As a spiritual being i believe in past and future lives and as such can call on (but not always access) memories of  my previous existences alongside with those of its genetic entities of its parents.

It is this belief that enables me (as well as everyone else) to formulate the ideas that have in some cases benefited and in others caused hardships to the inhabitants of this planet.

I believe in a common set of benefits and values am certain that if the human race is incapable of agreeing to this common set of benefits and values then the inhabitants of this planet are doomed to re-live the failures of our past history.

I built these benefits and values into the Caspar engine and created a free version which can be viewed with any worthwhile internet browser. This work can be viewed and experimented on by following this link.

What was the purpose of my existence?
My prime purpose was relatively easy to learn but probably the most difficult to
comprehend To be a part of the universal spirit

I have fully covered my purpose in a document I published in 2006 and can be viewed by following this link

Where am I going?
Hopefully the path that I will tread will depend on a number of issues. Most of these will depend upon those raised in how I will spend the rest of my life.

Suffice it to say I have the courses and the material to train others to become Ripose Architects and perhaps prevent the cataclysmic outcome if nothing else changes.

Either way, when I pass from this existence into the next, I will go knowing that I have the best I possible could have. I will take with only memories and leave behind nothing more than my footprints via my web sites. These web sites also disappear, that is unless someone else takes up the responsibility for their upkeep. Hopefully this will not happen for another 23 years (2038). Based on the ages both my parents lived to (91) I should make it to my 90s. However I hope that I will not have to wait too much longer for someone to step forward to assist me continue the legacy of my life.

How will I spend the rest of my life?
This is covered on my prediction page so please have a look at that page for the details.

Why did I not make more of an impact?
Looking back on my achievements, I have to wonder as to why I ended up retiring at 65 without having made a bigger impact on the the information technology environment.

When I read my testimonials and see phrases such as:
"CBA had 9 major projects to complete within 12 months, without CR they would not have made it. CR brought the right people together. CR gave CBA their CSF and KPI, Data Modeling and Data Architecture in a short time. CBA have built on CR's work ever since."

"C.R. assisted us in data modeling. CR has a generic view of the world. CR uses motherhood statements which sit comfortably with Chief Executives. Current systems are simply automation of paper systems. CR broke this normal approach by asking the user the question. Going from the logical to the physical is hard. CR has the path. CR uses a generic model which is not orthodox and is very interesting."

"C.R. was able to achieve in 30 days what other consultants would take 4 months to do. Data Model is of the highest quality."

"CR separates data from information, this allows freedom to be creative and get results quickly. Data bogs you down during the creative process."

"This achievement exceeded our expectations. In addition, we are pleased that Mr. Richter's knowledge and experience were imparted to various members of the, Inc. staff as part of the process."

"I am confident that Mr Richter will be an asset to any organisation as his strong commitment, initiative and character have benefited this Authority's in achieving results which have been recognised Australia wide."

I have to wonder. One of the key indicators highlighted by most motivational speakers is to have a good set of testimonials. Mine seem to have fallen short of the final hurdle.

Perhaps this is not any fault of mine! Perhaps the market place is not quite ready to embrace an approach that is efficient. effective, ethical and easy-to-use.