Dream: Plan: Experience by Charles Meyer Richter (1)

A body of work developed since 1989 to provide a better way to plan business strategies and information technology projects. (2)

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Date of latest publication (DOLP): 21 Jan 2018: Book One Chapter 4 (Page 1)
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Table of contents

Book Contents Chapter Pages DOLP Topic Summary Pages Video Mins Lecture Mins
One Introduction Foreword 3 05/12/2017     View 2.25    
    One 4 17/12/2017 Overview 2 View 3.5    
    Two 2 17/12/2017 Types of dreams 1 View  3.0    
    Three 17 02/01/2018 Types of plans 1 View 2.25    
Four 17 21/01/2018 Traps 2 View 2.45  
    Five 6 15/01/2018 Symptoms 1 View 3.0    
    Six 10 20/01/2018 Causes 2 View 3.0    
Two For strategic planners Preface     Overview   View 2.45    
  One     Deliverables          
    Two     First step          
    Three     Models          
    Four     Next steps          
    Five     Costs          
Three For IT project planners Preface     Overview          
    One     Deliverables          
    Two     First step          
    Three     Models          
    Four     Next steps          
    Five     Costs          
Four A better way to plan (3) Preface     Overview          
    One     Dream -> Concept          
    Two     Plan -> Logic          
    Three     Experience -> Physical          
Five Strategic planning training (4) Preface     Overview          
    One     Objectives          
    Two     Knowledge          
    Three     Strategies          
Six IT project planning training (4) Preface     Overview          
    One     Data          
    Two     Projects          
    Three     Applications          
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3) Book Four is available both in pdf form and html   Book Four
4) Books Five and Six: Training courses are available Training course

Date first published: 3 December 2017

You put the 'u' in DPE.
Do not be DuPEd by using implicit planning techniques.