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The following are the terms and conditions by which you 
agree to use the Ripose iCaspar engine (see Glossary for definitions).

If you choose not to accept any of them, please note the following:

  • If you are using the free internet service - iCaspar will not be available to you
  • If you bought the CD - Please return it to your distributor & you will be reimbursed 80% of the purchase price. The cost of postage to be born by your good self

iCaspar and Caspar

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The following table contains the definitions of terms which 
may be unfamiliar to you:




Computer assisted strategic planning and reasoning engine. Also known as the Ripose compiler or 'mind processor'. For Caspar features - see Ripose compiler features


The internet version of Caspar - limited features. 


  • Rapidly integrates patterns of strategic elements - see Ripose Patterns
  • Rebirth in peace optimal survival eternally
  • Rapid information process oriented systems environment
  • Rapid in producing optimal survival elements

Ripose is used for both the name of the company and the Technique


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