Prysms - viewing life's building blocks by Charles Meyer Richter

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Now that I have semi-web-published my autobiography, I have decided to embark on a venture called “Prysms - viewing life's building blocks”. It will be a sort of web interactive game (and possibly a book) whereby the reader/viewer will be asked a number of questions and from their answers, be presented with further explanations and choices.


This is not dissimilar to playing a game of dungeons and dragons (without the blood & gore) or Myst and should provide a good insight into “who the reader is, what they want to achieve and how they can achieve it”, and through the use of their imagination (and other steps) build a more sustainable life. The road through Prysms is relatively short or long (depending on the pathways the reader chooses to explore) but ultimately it should yield a more prosperous, perceptive, affectionate & healthy (yppah) future.


I have built the framework of Prysms and following its steps am now starting to develop the web pages to move Prysms from my imagination into becoming a physical reality.


If anyone wants more information, please feel free to ask, I would love to have others join me and provide me with feedback via Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook or Twitter (or even assist me to speed up the development) as I journey down the wonderful game of Prysms,


I am not at this stage seeking any funding (nor able to offer any) but once the prototype is complete, who knows what benefits may open up for those who decide to get on board.

- all hailing frequencies closed.


Operating instructions - Just in case you need them.


Before embarking on the journey through Prysms, please select your gender (that is the gender that appears on your birth certificate).




Imagine what life would be without imagination. Pretty dull. So let us start the game of exploring your imagination by firstly trying to ascertain who exactly you are. To do this simply select the appropriate radio button from the following question.

Do you know who your biological parents are/were?
Parent Yes No