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 This fact sheet provides the features of the Ripose CASPAR engine. 

The Ripose CASPAR engine is a computer assisted strategic planning and reasoning tool designed to rapidly clarify an organisation's objectives and strategies.

They will enable you to rapidly identify and document goals (identify your strengths and weaknesses), identify business rules (measures), develop a robust knowledge architecture, develop strategies and systems (to create a proof of concept), help design data bases and prototype applications (to create proof of logical). 

The CASPAR is an AI thought processor that helps automate the Ripose Technique.

The following table shows the features of the  Ripose CASPAR.

Compiler Main features OSI object supported
Concepts Define goals Complex evolving
Prioritise goals
Define measures - performance indicators (pi) and link to its goal
Define information model (legacy and future)
Link information classes to pi
Define relationships between information classes
Define projects
Identify and define business functions and systems Complex static
Select and prepare conceptual requirements for user's logical requirement architecting
Export data flows to any spreadsheet program for further analysis
Logical Normalise data Simple static
Create data base structures
Create processes
Define arrays, calculations, conditions, fields, functions, graphical user interfaces, menu structures, messages, parameter lists, search arguments
Define logical screen layouts
Define logical report layouts
Create sub routines
Define external applications (daemons)
Conditional logic (with indentation)
Case support (case field, case table, case window) including case next
Iteration logic (repeat, do while, for loops)
Export SQL data base create statements for any SQL DBMS
Copy lines of pseudo code from any object to another
Physical Generators to convert logical pseudo code into target software will be provided at a later date Complex static

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