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Friends of Ripose.org

If you wish to become a friend of our Ripose Community and help us realise our propose statement, use the feedback link with a comment requesting us to add your name and organisation (if applicable - include a link to your web site if available and desirable) to this page.

Any person ordering our CD-ROM will automatically become a friend, unless they specifically request not to be added.

Name Organisation Date joined Friendship type *
Charles Richter Ripose Pty Limited 29/03/2008 Palladium
Roy Shippen Ripose Pty Limited 30/03/2008 Rhodium
Peter Eburne PagePolish 30/03/2008 Gold
Dennis & Selma Habecker 30/03/2008 Rhodium
Ross Welch 31/03/2008 Rhodium
Craig & Barbra Mark 01/04/2008 Rhodium
Dennis & Megan Pereira 01/04/2008 Rhodium
Ken Wild 01/04/2008 Gold
Dave Thomas 01/04/2008 Bronze
Ale Reimondo www.aleReimondo.com  01/04/2008 Gold
Laurie Zaat 07/04/2008 Rhodium
John Waltz 23/01/2009 Silver
Friendship type based on years of involvement (development and feedback) and agreement in principle with  the aims of the Ripose Community.
Palladium Over 15 years and active development
Platinum Over 15 years some development and constant feedback
Rhodium Over 15 years with little or no development and some feedback
Gold 5 to 14 years with some development and constant feedback
Silver  5 to 14 years with little or no development and some feedback
Bronze 5 to 14 years with no development and little or no feedback
Standard Less than 5 years involvement

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