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The prime purpose of the Ripose Community is to assist the leaders of the world reduce the severity of:
  -  Poverty
Hate and

With your assistance, world leaders will find better ways to promote communities based on:
Esteem/love and

Standard of Living - a better way to achieve your happiness by assisting you find better ways to satisfy:
Your wants - personal
Your needs - personal
Your family and community - moral order
Your friends and associates - ethical order

Plato's the all-one-many

We will use “Plato's the all-one-many” to help achieve our grand scheme as part of our community's development. 

Request our CD-ROM  ($50.00 contribution to the Ripose community – available May 2008) to learn how to achieve your goals, more.... 

Please feel free to provide feedback on our goals or web site.



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