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Ripose - an alternate framework for the business development life cycle


According to The Tech Evangelist, frameworks such as TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), FEAF (Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework), PEAF (Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Framework) and the Zachman Framework have one thing in common:
they “provide a way to think about and organize the artefacts that are part of enterprise architecture, but a framework cannot make you an architect”.

How true! 

Ripose is not only a technique and a framework, but Ripose.com also trains people, with complimentary skills, to rise above their competencies and become effective architects.

The Ripose web site contains a plethora of information about the technique, framework, documents and training courses. However, we at Ripose.org felt it expedient to provide on line (YouTube) presentations, providing you with a framework to help you better understand the Ripose framework and hopefully demonstrate why you should consider using Ripose ahead of any other framework, or as a wrapper/short cut to the other frameworks. A YouTube presentation on the a guide to and comparison of each framework to the Ripose framework will be made available in the near future. Please visit this site to check the availability of the YouTube presentations.

The following structure of YouTube presentations is designed to help you identify the right level of competency (those hyperlinked are now available, the others will follow shortly):
Management summary - Strategic planning 101
Speculation and success
The stakeholder
An example of a stakeholder deliverable
Introduction to Ripose
Introduction to the Information Architect:
*C The Business/Enterprise Architects:
    The business analyst (RA1)
    The knowledge architect (RA2)
    The systems/solutions architect (RA3)
*L The Business Information Technology Architect - Data modeller (RA4)
  The Information Technology Architects:
    Logical data architecture:
      Logical data base designer (RA5) & Part 2
      Logical subject area architect
    Logical process architecture:
      Program designer (RA6)
      Logical applications integrator
*P Physical developers:
    Data base administrator
  Test architects:
    The Systems tester
    The Deployment tester

C = Conceptual architects
*L = Logical architects
*P = Physical


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