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Welcome to the Ripose web site 
The Ripose Technique begins with objectives, develops knowledge and then applies strategies to the knowledge and produces solutions and provides change management.

An objective, according to some dictionaries, is defined as 'an aim of a military manoeuvre or operation; what one intends to do or achieve; something strongly desired' and according to a thesaurus, can also be a destination; mission; purpose; something measurable; target; or a termination

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The Ripose navigator
The Ripose navigator

   The anatomy of objectives

The anatomy of objectives
The Ripose Technique creates an anatomy of objectives by dividing objectives into two components, namely: goals and measures.

Number of objectives

The estimated number of objectives vary by size of enterprise and the number of measures depends on how many managers participate in the discovery of them.

It is estimated that each manager needs 7 plus or minus 2 measures to carry out their tasks.

Size Goals Measures




Medium 16 ~120
Group 16 ~500
Estimated savings

The Ripose Technique takes approximately 10 days to complete the objectives component. The Ripose - Objectives deliverable is a comprehensive document containing all your identified business objective knowledge.

The estimated cost of the Ripose Technique is $30,000 which includes your management time. The table in the next column shows the estimated savings over a group of comparable techniques.

  Save Best practices Others
Days 10 1 - 28
Costs $33K - $180K $18K - $330K
Objectives support

We have fact sheets to show how we arrived at these figures. Contact us and we will e-mail them to you.

Resources brochures include:
- What is Ripose
- Quick Ripose 
- Ripose architects
- Ripose compiler



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