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A better, faster and more cost effective way to plan

How many times have we heard the expression "If you fail to plan, then plan to fail"?

Everyone plans! Then why do most plans fail to deliver?

The 5 reasons why planning fails are:
1) Implicit deliverables
2) Incorrect starting process
3) Failure to uncover the ideal
   business models to suit the
   needs before executing any
4) Time wasted on wrong follow up
5) The cost of producing the
   implicit deliverables

The success of any enterprise lies in the stakeholder's ability to be happy supporting the aims of the enterprise the speed in which the plan is delivered and the cost.

Happiness is based on a common set of benefits and values stakeholders bring to the enterprise, how well everyone's needs and wants are satisfied; how quickly that plan can be tested and  how costs can be kept to the minimum.

"A place for everything and everything in its place".

Prior to delivering the ideal business model, it is imperative that every component of the business model be explored, clarified and understood by the right stakeholder at the right time. Hence "If you want a better plan, you need to plan better, faster and more cost effectively".

The Ripose seven step approach will deliver a more effective, efficient, ethical and easy-to-understand plan by providing a better, faster and more cost effective way to plan.

The Ripose technique enables the rapid clarification of your organization's objectives, knowledge and strategies by helping you identify, document and manage three types of information - explicit, tacit and hidden.

This includes your business objectives, knowledge and strategies as quality deliverables.

The Ripose Technique navigator  
The Ripose navigator

Ripose provides its Caspar engine to manage all your business knowledge - both tacit and explicit.

Have a quick look at our resource centre to see more about Ripose from our brochures, fact sheets, white papers, articles and press releases.

Still not convinced! Please see Costs and savings! as (to use an old fashioned phrase) time is money - so why waste both using ineffective & inefficient frameworks and techniques.

To find out more about the seven steps, follow this link and then return to this page.

For an in-depth comparison between Ripose and other frameworks, please see the Framework comparison   pdf.

If you think that we can assist you, contact us for your next step, or please join us to experience the Ripose Technique via a journey of discovery, education and process improvement.



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