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Welcome to the Ripose web site 
The Ripose Technique distills/encapsulates the organization's knowledge into strategies. 

A strategy, according to some dictionaries, is defined as 'the science of forming and carrying out projects of military operations; the use of artifice/plan or finesse in carrying out any project; a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something' and according to a thesaurus, can also be a blueprint; design; journey; plan; ploy; schema; scheme or a tactic

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The Ripose navigator
The Ripose navigator

The anatomy of strategies
The Ripose Technique creates an anatomy of strategies by dividing strategies into the following components:

  • Business strategies which are further subdivided into:
  • IT strategies which support and implement the core and ancillary business tactics. This is achieved by identifying the data and process architectures and creating a proof of logical deliverable containing the following components:
  • Facts
  • Data base design
  • Pseudo code design

The Ripose - strategies/proof of concept deliverable will:

  • Highlight strategies that should be implemented immediately (mission critical)
  • Identify strategies that should best be avoided in the short term (resource draining)
  • Together with the Objectives deliverable, Provide all the components to create a sustainable business plan that is efficient, effective, ethical and easy to understand and implement

Business strategies

Next steps: 

Number of strategies and tactics

The number of strategies are definitive however the number of tactics will vary and depends on the size of enterprise and the quality of the corporate knowledge model.

The number of tactics depends on the number of entities discovered during the corporate information building phase. The figures in the table are estimates only of the number one can expect to find.

Theoretically the number of strategies and tactics  are directly proportional  to the number of objectives and knowledge classes (s=ok2). In practice, however, this number depends on the quality of the corporate knowledge model.

Size Strategies Tactics
Core Ancillary
Small 5 ~15 ~17
Medium 5 ~60 ~130
Group 5 ~120 ~160

Estimated savings

The Ripose Technique takes approximately 20 days to complete the strategic component. The estimated cost is $115,000 which includes your management time. The estimated savings over a group of comparable techniques is shown in the table.

Save Best practices Others
Days 30 - 82 32 - 364
Costs $437K - $1M $449K - $4M
Strategies support

We have fact sheets to show how we arrived at these figures. Contact us and we will e-mail them to you.

Resources brochures include:
- Ripose architects
- Ripose compiler
- Ripose and strategies



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