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Welcome to the Ripose web site 
The Ripose Technique regards prototypes as essentially a proof of physical running on the low cost hardware platform using readily available software.

A prototype, according to some dictionaries, is defined as 'an original or model after which anything is formed; a first form from which varieties arise or imitations are made' and according to a thesaurus, can also be a pattern; archetype or master.

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Objectives. The beginning Knowledge. Next step after objectives: How Ripose defines strategies. Next step after Knowledge Prototyping. Next step after strategies Build and implement solutions. Next step after prototyping Change management. Next step after solutions The Ripose navigator
The Ripose navigator

The prime purpose of the prototype/proof of physical is to demonstrate the feasibility of the data base and program logic designs.

In the future, all solutions could be generated directly from the IT strategic proof of logical, thus bypassing the need to produce a proof of physical.

Ripose will be actively seeking and working with software development companies to develop generators capable of compiling applications from the output from the CASPAR engine. For further details please contact us.

The following diagram shows how the proof of physical implements the relationship between knowledge, data bases, information, data and processes:


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brochure include:
- Ripose compiler



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