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Newsletter ... April 2003

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Editorial comments

Welcome to our fifth issue of the Ripose newsletter from our team at Ripose. Apologies for not publishing any newsletter since July 2002.

"We live in troubled times"
"The more things change, the more they stay the same"

We are saddened by the events over the past few days. For those of you personally affected by the conflict, we offer you our best wishes. 

For all our sakes, may there be a speedy end to this apparently senseless waste of lives and resources. May the Universal Spirit enlighten all those leaders hell bent on destroying lives they did not create in order to 'teach the other a lesson they will never forget'. 

When will they learn that winning wars is based on cunning and power (the notion that 'We Are Right') but winning the peace is based on aligning everyone's common goals (the notion to 'Please Everyone, Align Common Elements') and satisfying the basic needs of everyone on this planet.

Perhaps in a small way the work now achieved at Ripose will work towards winning the peace.

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Charles Richter - Managing Director

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