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Newsletter ... April 2003

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A Ripose success story ...
In 1991 Charles decided to implement the concept 'a place for everything and everything in its place'.

Instead of diving into code (as was the wont of the day), he decided to look for a technique and tools to help him describe what he was going to build. The outcome of this search was that all the available tools and techniques were either incomplete or 'just did not work'. In addition, the asking price was prohibitively high. So he  decided to 'build his own mind processor'.

He set about this task by describing the concept to himself by producing a business objectives document followed by a Proof of Concept - the knowledge (to support the objectives) and strategies (to prioritise the implementation of the knowledge).

He then used the prioritised knowledge to help design the data base (producing a Proof of Logical) and the Ripose Technique was 'born'.

Then, having 'Riposed' his concept, he wrote the code to create and access the data in the data base (Proof of Physical) and  Caspar was 'born'.

Over the next decade he continued to evolve Caspar as a client server application for use in a multi user environment. At the same time Caspar helped refine the Ripose Technique. 

He delayed commercialising Ripose as one of his objectives was 'never to release anything that could have a detrimental effect on anyone'. The problem he now faced was finding people willing to allow him to 'experiment' on.  

He found a few 'good' people (some of whom provided him with a testimonial) and they helped to refine and improve the offerings. 

He always knew that if he was the only person capable of applying the Ripose Technique (using Caspar to speed up the deliverables), then helping others find a 'place for everything and put everything in its place' would be virtually impossible. However, trying to distribute an evaluation copy of Caspar ('try before you buy') as a client server application was too expensive.

The only viable option was to distribute the application over the internet. So he and his colleagues set about trying to find someone capable of and willing to web enable Caspar without charging a fortune. By 2002, no one had been found. Perhaps they were looking in the wrong place!

In July 2002 after nearly 30 years in the IT industry and at the ripe young age of 55 Charles was 'put out to pasture'.

He moved to the Northern Rivers region of NSW and met a number of wonderful people who opened their hearts and minds to him and were willing for him to listen to them in order to produce their concepts/dreams on paper.

Their success spurred him on with his next dream - to web enable Caspar.  On the 27 March 2003 he began to 'Internet ready' the Goals section of the Ripose Technique. Five days later iCaspar was 'born'.  The results of this labour is now available for anyone wishing to use it. You are cordially invited to to experience the beta version of iCaspar.

So in essence the Ripose success story is its own success - 'a place for business objects and every business object in its place'.

To experience the rapid solution you can achieve using Ripose, please contact us.

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